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Why Baisch?

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A service that leaves no wishes open in design and realisation: Baisch provides customers with a perfect scope of supply and services. Baisch´s priority is to achieve optimal customer satisfaction. Our employees know the wishes and requirements of customers from the medical field. Long years of experience enable us to offer an optimal solution for every problem.


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Furniture for the medical field – that´s what our heart beats for

Furniture for the medical field – that´s what our heart beats for

Our large customer base consisting of medical practices, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes is indicative of the success of the Karl Baisch trademark. The good market position of the trademark is mainly due to its products.

With a product life of more than 30 years, furniture made of stainless steel is indestructible in the true sense of the word. Material, quality and design withstand the ravages of time. Baisch has always been a synonym for a classic, timeless and simple product design which even after years does not lose its aesthetic appeal and has been awarded many design prizes.

From practice – for practices

Practical experience constantly flows into furniture design. Everything is always in the right place. Nothing is superfluous, nothing is missing. The progressiveness of modern dentistry is reflected by all details of the product line. Baisch provides the framework that allows you to practice progressive methods. In a practice equipped with antiquated furniture, innovative methods seem less plausible to patients and are less practicable for the doctor.

The Baisch Company

The Baisch Company

Our small team of over 10 employees serves a customer base of several thousand doctors all over Germany and Europe.
With commitment and innovative power, we want to become the market leader in medical furniture.